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'No Coke and all water' - What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s staple diet?

2:18 AM EDT 6/26/21
Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus
The Portuguese star continues to defy his age by maintaining himself in prime condition…

Cristiano Ronaldo made headlines earlier this month when he made his preference for water over Coca Cola known.

His performances in the ongoing Euro 2020 have been exceptional as the Juventus star leads the scoring charts with five goals from three outings, with two of the three games being against top countries like Germany and France.

Many fans all over the world are keen to know what’s the secret behind Ronaldo’s peak fitness condition, something which he has maintained over the course of last 18 years or so.

Interestingly, his team-mate at Juventus, Daouda Peeters, who made his debut last season against Cagliari, gave an insight as to what the former Manchester United attacker eats.

“He always eats the same thing: broccoli, chicken and rice," Peeters told HLN.

The Belgian further confirmed that Ronaldo isn’t into soda drinks and intakes ‘agua (water)’ at regular intervals to keep himself hydrated.

“Litres of water, no Coca-Cola. Cristiano wants to win always and everywhere. He makes young players grow. He really involves you,” said the 22-year-old Belgian.

While some critics point that Ronaldo’s obsession with maintaining himself in top condition is borne out of vanity or narcissism, Peeters disagrees and shared his reasons for the same.

"He does not do those abdominal exercises out of vanity, but because he sees his body as an instrument for work. It is not the case that Cristiano stands in front of the mirror during those hours. Anyway, he would not have time for that. When he is at the club, it's mainly for training. He really lives for his job."

“Cristiano is a very nice guy, but at the same time he takes football very seriously,” Peeters mentioned.