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Watch: Body cam footage of Giroud's delightful chip for AC Milan vs Koln captured in POV camera experiment

10:04 AM EDT 7/18/22
Olivier Giroud AC Milan Koln Body Cam goal
The body cam footage of Giroud's goal makes it look even better

A futuristic body cam technology was put to use during AC Milan's friendly encounter with Koln at the RheinEnergieStadion on Saturday.

It was nothing short of a revolution in sports broadcasting history as two Koln players, Timo Hubers and Mark Uth, were fitted with cameras and microphones to give the viewers a unique experience of following the match up close and personal.

We got to watch some incredible snippets throughout the match and Oliver Giroud's first goal was arguably the best piece of action captured by the body cam.

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Watch: Body cam footage of Oliver Giroud's first goal

The former Arsenal forward was in fine form in the pre-season friendly and he netted a brace in Milan's 2-1 win over the Bundesliga side.

The forward cheekily dinked the ball over the onrushing goalkeeper and then tapped it home to score his first, and the body cam footage of the goal is simply stunning.

How does the body cam technology work?

MindFly’s AI-powered body cam aims to eliminate the distance between television viewers and players by enabling the fan to watch a game from a player's First-Person Point of View (FPV).

In order to do that, the player will wear a lightweight AI body cam vest, which is also equipped with a microphone, so that the camera can capture the player's point of view.

Eran Tal, who is the co-founder at MindFly, believes that the vest would not be a hindrance to players' performance as it is extremely lightweight.

"Using MindFly in football brings the excitement of the pitch to the fans. Our lightweight AI vests are designed to keep the player’s performance and feel the same as wearing a GPS vest, and athletes forget they are wearing it after a few minutes," he stated.

Watch: Body cam footage for Florian Dietz's goal for FC Koln

Not only Giroud's opener but Florian Dietz's goal in the final minutes of the game was also captured magnificently by the body cam.

It gave the viewers a clear view of the jostling that goes on in the penalty box during a flag kick. And once the goal was scored the celebrations were also caught brilliantly by the AI-powered camera.

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