There is another way to help Nyosso says Aishi Manula

Kona ya Michezo
Juma Nyosso assaulted a fan after the match between Kagera Sugar and Simba on Monday

Following the recent incident of a football fan being assaulted by Kagera Sugar defender, Juma Nyosso after his team’s 2-0 defeat by Simba SC at the Kaitaba Stadium in Kagera region , Simba dependable goalkeeper Aishi Manula  has spoken about the charges  of the defender who is out of custody on bail.

Speaking to Goal Manula said that people are trying to connect and judge the past incidents involving the defender and the current incident which occurred on Monday and that is wrong .

Manula added that people should not take Nyosso negatively and instead should look on the way to help  the defender psychologically as punishing him by giving him suspension or other disciplinary action will not help the former Simba defender .

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"I think there is another way to help Nyosso rather than giving him suspension as that will not help him psychologically” disclosed Manula.

The national team and Simba number one Goalkeeper, Manula said that people differ in the way they handle various football fans irritations and we all don’t know what the assaulted fan who provoked Nyosso told said to the defender before the player decided to hit him.