Ronaldo, Neymar and De Gea - FIFA 19's best PS4 player breaks down his Ultimate Team

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The PlayStation 4 FIFA Global Series Playoffs are coming up soon and there is one clear favourite for the tournament, Basel's Nicolas "Nicolas99fc" Villalba.

The Argentine is number one in the rankings with a massive tally of 7,970 points and while the Playoffs aren't essential for his eWorld Cup qualification he'll still be keen to win.

Goal caught up with Nicolas99fc to have a look at the Ultimate Team squad he is thinking of playing in the tournament.

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He's experimenting with a 4-4-2 formation with David de Gea, Team of the Year (TOTY) Joao Cancelo, Prime Icon Moments Paolo Maldini, TOTY Virgil van Dijk, Flashback Alex Sandro, Team of the Season (TOTS) Kylian Mbappe, Prime Icon Patrick Vieira, Prime Icon Ruud Gullit, TOTS Neymar, TOTS Cristiano Ronaldo, Prime Icon Ronaldo.​

Out of your players, who is the MVP and why? Have they performed well for you in previous tournaments?

I think my MVP is Gullit because he's one of the most determined players in the game, he can do it all and play in any position.

It's rare to see someone run a team that doesn't have 100 chemistry, do you find it doesn't make much of a difference?

For me, it only matters that I have more than six chemistry on each individual although I think not having 100 chemistry in general, and even depending on each person, can be annoying.

A lot of people like to partner up Mbappe with Lala who also got a TOTY card so why did you choose Cancelo? 

Cancelo is much better suited to my offensive style, I find him very agile and with excellent ball control which helps me create better chances in my game.

Can you also explain why you chose the Van Dijk and Maldini as your centre-backs?

Virgil is the best central defender in FIFA 19 and one of the best headers of the game, he helps a lot in attack and defence. Maldini is the best combination with him in my opinion and is also very good at everything apart from maybe his passing.

4-4-2 isn't a formation you see very often so why have you picked it? How does it suit your playstyle?

I'm trying new formations. My main formation is 4-2-3-1 but I'm looking for a second one in case things don't go well so I can adapt and make things harder for my opponent. Having two strikers helps a lot in the air and I feel that LM and RM add a lot to the defensive and offensive game. At the moment the 4-4-2 has been good for me but I lack many options to adapt to it but I'm training to achieve it.

And why have you chosen regular De Gea?

It's the best keeper I've ever had according to chemistry. I'm trying to find new options like Edwin van der Sar or other keepers but I still can't find my favourite.

With a large break in tournaments ahead of the Playoffs, how have you been preparing?

I'm training in the week and playing FUT Champions to keep my rhythm. I'm not a person who trains a lot but when I do, I try to improve everything and find even the smallest of mistakes.

It's known to be harder to adapt from PlayStation to Xbox so have you been practising on Xbox a lot?

I'm playing some games on Xbox and I think I'm slowly adapting to the controller so I should be ready.