All you need to know about the roadmap for three years proposed by all I-League clubs

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The I-League clubs are not willing to give up their AFC Champions League spot and have proposed a roadmap for three years ...

One day after AIFF (All India Football Federation) President Mr.Praful Patel met with I-League clubs to discuss their grievances, the clubs have come up with their proposal for a roadmap for Indian football.

Patel had said that he would approach the AFC and ask for permission to hold the I-League and the ISL simultaneously in India for another three years and also promised to address the issues regarding the broadcasting and scheduling of I-League games for the next season.

The outcome of the meeting was that the existing two-league situation is set to continue for 2-3 years until a solution for a unified league is achieved.

While the I-League clubs appeared satisfied with some of the conclusions, they were disappointed to learn about a swap in AFC Champions League spot between I-League winners and ISL (India n Super League winners).

The joint committee has hence chalked out a roadmap for league football in India.


  1. A Tripartite agreement to be signed between AIFF, FSDL & I-League clubs giving details for the arrangement for the next 3 years.
  2. I-League to be referred to as the National Football league of India.
  3. I-League champions to get AFC Champions League slot.
  4. I-League Committee to be formed immediately with representatives from AIFF and I-League clubs. This Committee would be solely responsible for taking decisions regarding I-League, 2nd Division league and Youth Leagues.
  5. All matches of I-League to be shown live on an HD channel with improved production quality. (8 camera set up with specifications mentioned previously.)
  6. I-League Committee shall negotiate and finalize the production house. 50 per cent of the total cost of production to be borne by FSDL with the remaining 50 per cent to be paid by AIFF.
  7. I-League matches to be played at 5 PM and 7 PM kick-off timings. (For non-floodlight venues kick of timings to be 2PM/3PM.)
  8. Working Group to be formed with representations from AIFF, FSDL, I-League clubs and ISL clubs who would plan to introduce a unified league involving both I-League and ISL clubs with prom and relegation.
  9. This would ensure that the top Indian Players end up playing 45-50 matches annually which is in line with the best global practice and is a minimum requirement for overall technical development of any player. (Currently, the top Indian players gets to play a maximum of 25-28 matches in a season.)
  10. The Roadmap needs to be approved by the AIFF Executive Committee and should be simultaneously announced, giving all details including the present status of I-League and ISL and also the future plan.