Muscat: The fight is getting knocked out of me

The player turned coach feels his comments about the competition aren't being taken the right way

Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat believes his opinions about the A-League are being taken the wrong way and is losing the will to voice his concerns about certain aspects of the game. 

This week Muscat did question the premature Olyroos call-up of Thomas Deng - something Western Sydney Wanderers coach Markus Babbel also vented his frustration about

Muscat, however, feels his comments have been misconstrued and admitted he's getting tired of trying to speak up about the bests interests of the competition only to be shot down. 

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"Whenever you say something, it's perceived or gets perceived that it's for your own advantage," Muscat said on Friday.

"A lot of what I say is for our competition, because - yeah, I want to win, there's no doubt about it – but I actually care about Australian football and I care about the A-League.

"But when I do say something, it's perceived that it's Victory-orientated or Kevin Muscat-orientated but a lot of it's not.

"Slowly, the fight is getting knocked out of me, so I'll just focus my energy on Melbourne Victory. Whatever the rules, however, they're made, I'll just abide by them.

"What does it really matter what I think anyway?

"It doesn't really matter. Slowly you get chipped away and the fight slowly gets taken away from you."

While potentially backing down off the pitch, Muscat will be desperate to see Victory step up on Sunday against Brisbane Roar.

After a 2-1 loss to Sanfrecce Hiroshima in the Asian Champions League on Tuesday night, Victory have now gone six games without a win and are four points behind second-placed Sydney FC in the A-League.