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Mohun Bagan officials Debashish Dutta and Srinjoy Bose resign

2:15 PM EDT 3/12/18
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Srinjoy Bose and Debashish Dutta resigned from the post of the assistant secretary and finance secretary respectively.....

Mohun Bagan officials Srinjoy Bose and Debashish Dutta have resigned from their posts of assistant secretary and finance secretary respectively on Monday, March 12. 

The pair addressed the media on Monday to announce that they have tendered their resignation at the club. "We have decided to step down from our respective positions at the Mohun Bagan club. After a lot of turmoil, we have decided to take the extreme step. We have taken the decision at the correct time so that whoever comes next gets enough time to make the team on their own terms and cannot point fingers at us," said the former assistant secretary Srinjoy.

It is believed that there was some internal issue among the club officials. The duo did not share a cordial rapport with the general secretary Anjan Mitra. Srinjoy Bose's father Swapan Sadhan Bose or 'Tutu Bose' as he is popularly known, had resigned from the post of the club's president last year. The club is yet to appoint a new president.

It is a known fact that Srinjoy and Debashish used to run the show at the club. From recruitments to the day-to-day affairs, it was this duo who headed the operations at the club. Their resignations thus will be a huge blow for the club ahead of the inaugural edition of the Super Cup.

On asked if they should have resigned after the cup competition, Debashish Dutta said, "The team is ready for Super Cup. They will resume training from 19th of March under head coach Sankarlal Chakraborty.  We had a discussion earlier this week where we decided to bring in a new foreign central defender."

"As it is not mandatory to field two Asian players in the Super Cup,  we have released Nepalese winger Bimal Gharti Magar. His contract was terminated on Saturday. We have taken all the preparation for the Super Cup. Now it is up to coaches and players, our role is over."

Mohun Bagan play their first match in Super Cup on April 1 against the winners of Qualifier 1 (Delhi Dynamos vs Churchill Brothers).