Millwall supporter who stood up to London Bridge attackers honoured with beer

Jack Taylor
The man who stood up to an attack in England's capital has now seen a bitter named in his honour by a Swedish brewery

His name is Roy Larner, but the beer named is his honour will carry the phrase this Millwall fan is now famous for. 

"F**K YOU, I'M MILLWALL" will be appearing on bottle labels soon, as Swedish brewery Frequency Beer Works rolls out their tribute to Larner, the man who famously shouted that phrase as he faced down three attackers on London Bridge. 

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Larner was credited with drawing the attention of the attackers and saving lives in the process while suffering a collapsed lung and having to have surgery on his diaphragm. 

The Swedish company decided to pay tribute to the man, with a post on their website saying: "We were humbled and impressed to read about Millwall supporter Roy Larner, who single-handedly stepped in against the terrorists in London, shouting “Fxxk You, I’m Millwall!”, saving countless lives by drawing the attention of the attackers, giving others the possibility to run to safety.  We salute him, and have made a special edition of our bitter available in his honour. A portion of the proceedings will be donated to the fund started in his name."

Millwall Beer label

"If the Millwall team is half as dedicated as the supporters its going to be a big year for them," John Tsihlis, one of the co-founders of the Frequency Beer Works told Goal.

Indeed it will John. 

The brew is not yet available in the UK, but Millwall fans who want to try it when it lands can get updates on the status here