ISL 2017-18: Sergio Lobera - Penalty was obvious, Jahouh did not deserve a second yellow

FC Goa coach Sergio Lobera urged footballers to be more respectful towards the referees...

After a three-match winless streak, FC Goa finally secured three points against Jamshedpur FC at home on Thursday. Manuel Lanzarote scored a goal in each half to seal the victory in favour of his team. 

On the match, FC Goa coach Sergio Lobera opined, "I think there are big games that we played better but we were not able to win. I think today has been a game where we suffered quite a bit, but for teams who know how to win need to know how to suffer. Today, as a team, we learned how to suffer against a team who are very hard to play against."

The Spanish coach continued, "I wouldn't complain so much about the chances we didn't take but I would complain about the goal that we have conceded. We have to keep a clean sheet. Today as well we conceded a goal when a player crossed into the box, there were two players who were open and one puts it at the back of the net. We have to improve defensively."

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On asked if luck played a major role in getting the lead in the first half from the penalty, Lobera said, "I think we have had a great amount of luck throughout the league. We deserve a lot more than what we have so far. When it's a penalty and it's obvious, it's not luck. Moreover, we had to do it twice - we had to take the penalty twice. For me, it's not luck."

Ahmed Jahouh picked up a yellow card early in the match and was in danger of picking up another one throughout the game.

"Jahouh is a player who had a yellow (card) before in his career and, having coached him before, I know he's a player capable of handling the game. Today as well, he took it up to a limit but at no point did he deserve a second yellow."

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Star of the match Manuel Lanzarote was seen confronting the referee on several occasions during the match. Coach Lobera suggested that it is not a healthy practice to attack the referee during a match. "I think the whole world talks about referees. I think we should respect the referees and let them do their work. I don't think questioning the referee is good for this league or for anybody else for that matter. It's not just Lanzarote who talks to the referee. Everyone in the league, whoever gets a chance, they attack him," said the manager.

The controversial penalty decision created tension among the players which carried on even after the halftime whistle. The players from both sides were involved in a scuffle inside the tunnel.

"Ultimately, what happens on the pitch should stay on the pitch. It's not something that we should make anything big about it."

Jamshedpur FC, who earned a reputation for being a defensive side, played attacking football in Goa just like their previous encounter against Mumbai City FC. On asked if Steve Coppell's side surprised him, Lobera replied, "Not really because even in the last game (against Mumbai City), they played in a similar manner. I'm pleased with the fact we have scored against a team who have kept five clean sheets. It's not easy to score two goals against this team."