Former FIFA world champion Gorilla signs for German team Stark Esports

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New signings tend to happen at the beginning of a season not the end, but perhaps the biggest signing of the competitive FIFA season has gone through days before the FIFA Global Series Play-offs as Spencer "Gorilla" Ealing has announced he has signed for Stark Esports.

Gorilla has become the latest FIFA player to join Stark Esports, a consultant agency focused on gaming and esports based in Germany.

This could be considered the biggest signing for the German agency yet, even though they already represent many professional FIFA players, including Michael "Megabit" Bittner, Mohammed "MoAuba" Harkous, Benedikt "SaZz0r" Saltzer and Phillip "Eisvogel" Schermer.

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Gorilla became the face of FIFA esports in 2017 when he won the FIFA Interactive World Cup and took home $200,000. The same year, he was named the UK Esports Player of the Year at the Esports Industry Awards.

After his first esports team – Unilad - entered administration, Gorilla joined FaZe Clan where he was soon joined by fellow FIFA pro Tassal 'Faze Tass' Rushan. 

However, with less than a season under his belt, Gorilla left the established esports organisation and has spent the majority of this season without a team.

The Englishman has struggled during the current FIFA 19 Global Series, failing to win a single tournament this season, which is disappointing considering his high standards.

Now, finally with the backing of an organisation again, he heads into the Xbox FIFA Global Series Xbox Play-offs with hopes of breaking into the top 16 and qualifying for the biggest tournament of the year -  the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Currently sat in 26th with 1,323 points, the former world champion has a large mountain to climb but has shown in the past that he will perform when it matters most. And, judging from his statement on the signing, Gorilla is not lacking in motivation either.

He said: "I am incredibly proud to be part of STARK and to continue my journey with them. Exciting projects are coming up! I will fight hard to achieve my goals - this starts in the upcoming weekend when I will compete at the Global Series Play-offs in Hamburg. All or nothing!"