FIFA 20 SBCs: What are the Squad Building Challenges on release?

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SBCs are a great way to fast track your way to some great rewards - but what should you expect from them as the game comes out?

With the return of FIFA comes the return of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Squad Building Challenges (SBC).

These are designed to help FUT players upgrade their teams by gaining guaranteed special cards, but first an array of puzzles must be solved.

For new players to the game, they can rapidly improve the quality of their squad while undertaking basic SBCs, which are constructed as tutorials to allow players to learn about the intricacies of the system.

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As such, there are seven SBCs on release with the game, with various going live throughout the season and typically resulting in the prize of a trending star.

The more difficult an SBC is to complete, the more impressive the reward.

Basic SBCS

Let’s Get Started

This is the first SBC that any newbie will undertake. It is a basic tutorial of how the challenges work in FUT and is achieved by trading only cards of minimal quality.

There are three challenges to complete before the SBC is done. Firstly, a Bronze Player will be traded, bringing a reward of an untradable Bronze Rewards Pack. Then, three players with 12 chemistry must be traded in order to attain a Bronze Pack. Finally, four players with three different nationalities must be traded to gain a Bronze Player Pack.

Upon completing this challenge, the user will receive a Two Player Pack.

Let’s Keep Going

This is a marginally more advanced squad building tutorial, which delves deeper into FUT chemistry. There are four challenges that must be undertaken and completed before the player receives a Premier Loan Player Reward Pack.

Let’s Move Forward

Once the basics of SBCs have been mastered, it’s time to start really improving your squad. This is where Let’s Move Forward comes in, as it allows users to replace Bronze-standard players with Gold.

There are three mini-challenges to complete, which entail trading away a succession of Bronze players to strengthen the spine of the side by gaining a Gold level centre-back, central midfielder and striker.

League and Nations Basics

Things get a little more complicated in this challenge – but not massively so. One League attack invites FUT players to exchange five players from the same league but different nations, while One Nation Midfield is completed by exchanging five players from the same nation but different leagues. 

Multi League and Nation requires six players from different clubs, a max of two players from the same league and nation, with a minimum team rating of 55 and a minimum chemistry of 48. There must be six players in the squad.

Accomplishing the latter two of these goals yields a Premier Gold Pack, while One League Attack gives a Silver Players Premium Pack. 

Once all three are completed, the reward is a Mixed Players Pack.

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Advanced SBCs

Hybrid Leagues

There are four puzzles that must be solved before a Rare Mega Pack is given to the user, which can be done in any order.

In Give Me Five the user must put together an 11-man squad consisting of players from five different leagues exactly. There is a maximum of four different players from the same league and there is a minimum of six rare players. Moreover, the overall rating of the squad has to be at least 69 and the team chemistry must be at least 80. A Prime Mixed Players Pack is the reward.

Things are a little more complicated in Seven-League Boots, which is a challenge along the same lines. Only three players can hail from the same league, while the overall rating of the team must be 78 and the team chemistry must be 85. A Prime Electrum Players Pack is the reward.

If that was not difficult enough, The Whole Nine Yards demands an array of exactly nine different leagues, with a maximum of two players from the same league. The overall rating must be at least 8 and chemistry must be 99. Anyone brave enough to complete this challenge will receive a Mega Pack.

Finally, First XI must bring together a team, with each player hailing from a different league. All of these players must be Gold and eight of them must be rare. Nothing less than a chemistry of 80 will suffice. Once these conditions are fulfilled, a Rare Players Pack is the reward.

Hybrid Nations

Just as is the case in Hybrid Leagues, a Rare Mega Pack is the prize for anyone willing to complete these four puzzles, which closely follow the pattern of that challenge.

In the Final Four, there must be exactly four different nations represented, with a maximum of four players from the same league, a minimum of four rare players, an overall rating of at least 70 and a chemistry of 80. An Electrum Players Pack is the reward.

Six of the Best and Elite Eight follow the similar conditions, with the prizes a Gold Players Pack and Prime Gold Players Pack respectively.

Finally, Around The World asks the user to create a squad with exactly 10 nations, with a maximum of two from the same league, a minimum of eight rare players, an overall rating of 81 and a chemistry of 100. The reward? A Rare Players Pack.

League and Nation Hybrid

This challenge will earn an impressive 13,000 coins plus a TOTW kit that is untradeable.

In order to receive this reward, The Challenger must be completed. In this puzzle, players must complete a team that has exactly two nationalities spanning three leagues, with a maximum of six players coming from the same league. All of these players must be Gold and the overall rating must be 80, while the chemistry must be 100.