FIFA 20 gamer gets Messi and Ronaldo in one unbelievable Ultimate Team pack

Lionel Messi/Cristiano Ronaldo 2019-20
One of the most extraordinary packs you could ever imagine

For those that play Ultimate Team each year on FIFA, the dream is to pack either Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.  

The likelihood of landing either is extremely slim with both players worth well over 1 million coins in FIFA 20's Ultimate Team marketplace.

Yet one extremely lucky gamer has somehow just secured both Messi and Ronaldo via one two-player pack, with FIFA fans everywhere rightly left in disbelief. 

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The gamer known as Joao Manuel, shared his unbelievable pack reveal on Twitter with the video quickly going viral and fellow players left just a little jealous. 

Both cards of Messi and Ronaldo appear to be special Champions League editions too, making the scoop even better. 

If that pack alone wasn't good enough, Manuel's luck continued less than 24 hours later as he packed the Juventus star once again.

The bad news, if you can call it that - both can't be traded in. 

Replying to people on social media, Manuel, who lives in France, said he left his room prior to opening the pack containing Messi and Ronaldo and even prayed before coming back into the room. 

Whether it was blind luck or divine intervention, it's clear Manuel will be hard to dethrone as the luckiest FIFA 20 player this year. 

FIFA 20 was only released in September but last month reached 10 million players with 450 million matches played and 1.2 billion goals already scored in the game as of October 15. 

The Ultimate Team mode remains a key part of the FIFA franchise with EA Sports' most recent Team of the Week featuring the likes of Juventus defender Matthijs de Ligt and Inter striker Romelu Lukaku. 

While Ultimate Team has gone from strength to strength, FIFA 20's career mode got off to a shaky start this year with a multitude of complaints seeing EA release a massive update last month

Two major aesthetic changes to career mode made in the latest update has seen goal difference added to the standings' screen and default goal updates adjusted to ensure players aren't bombarded with information from games that they don't care about.