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EXTRA TIME: Watch Senegalese artist draw Neymar with his boot and Mane with a ball

4:48 PM EDT 9/17/19
Neymar PSG Strasbourg Ligue 1 14092019
The African artist is making a name for himself around the world by painting celebrities in unorthodox ways

An artist from Senegal, known as Boubou, has gained the attention of Neymar after painting the Brazilian player using a boot.

Neymar posted a Tweet of Boubou painting him, and you can watch it below.

There is another amazing football artwork by this Dakar-based artist who brilliantly dribbles with a football in such a way to paint his countryman Sadio Mane.

Boubou's talent doesn't stop there, he has painted basketball star LeBron James, while bouncing a ball around the canvas.

We also show him using the shape of Africa to paint the late South African president Nelson Mandela. He uses a bicycle to paint Barack Obama and a toilet to paint United States president Donald Trump.

The videos are brought to us thanks to the artist's official Twiter account @boubou_design.