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‘Every Simba SC fan & member should be proud of new facilities’ – Kaduguda

1:30 AM EST 12/8/19
Simba SC player v Mashujaa FC.
The Tanzanian club celebrated a milestone as they opened a new training facility in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam

Simba SC interim chairman Mwina Kabaguda has praised the club’s initiative to launch a training facility in Bunju.

On Saturday morning in glorious sunshine and later rain, the first football was kicked at Bunju Park – and the first team is set to begin training on the immaculately prepared surface of the two grounds— one with artificial grass and the other with natural grass.

The Simba first team is expected to call Bunju Park their home and this happens after 83 years after the club was established.

Though the exact cost of the project was not immediately established, the club officials insisted the size and scale of the project should not be underestimated.

“The natural evolution of our club has seen it moving forward and this investment in Bunju proves our commitment to grow stronger… as we continue to invest in the elite player performance for the Mainland Premier League and continental tournaments,” said Kaduguda as quoted by Daily News.

“And as we plan structure for elite Academies, new facilities became necessary to match the club’s ambition and objectives for the future and it is the reason why every Simba fan and the member should be proud of the new facilities.”

Simba skipper John Bocco thanked the club’s leadership for the milestone achievement.

“We really thank our leaders for developing these projects. This investment in the project has been extraordinary and it is now beginning to blossom…it will certainly give us players’ morale to fight for our team,” Bocco is quoted by Daily News.

According to the former chairman of the club Hassan Dalali, who was the brainchild behind the project, Bunju was always the ideal location for the club’s new training facility; 20km west of the city centre as it provides a cool and calm environment for the players to concentrate.

Once fully completed, it will create an idyllic environment which will benefit both staff and players alike.

Simba have a total of 19 acres in the area and further developments are on the horizon.