East Bengal: Khalid Jamil doesn't feel bad about 'uncle' Subhash Bhowmick's comments

East Bengal head coach refused to retort to Technical Director Subhash Bhowmick's attack....

East Bengal coach Khalid Jamil finally announced his presence at the club on Thursday after a taking a break of two days citing health issues. He returned to the club on Thursday but did not attend the training session.

After the conclusion of I-League 2017/18 season, the players were on vacation for 10 days. They resumed training on Tuesday for the upcoming Super Cup round-of-16 match.

Khalid clarified why he didn’t turn up for the club’s practice session for the third day in a row, “I wasn’t well so couldn’t come to the club. Even today I had weakness so didn’t attend the practice session. I will start from tomorrow.”

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The East Bengal tactician further suggested that he had discussions with Technical Director Subhash Bhowmick. He said, “I spoke to Subhash Bhowmick. We discussed how the practice sessions will be held. He is the technical director so I spoke to him accordingly.”

Bhowmick had earlier lambasted coach Jamil for not coming to the club in the first two days of the training sessions. He even said that the club won’t lose anything if the former I-League winning coach doesn’t turn up.

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But when Khalid was asked about Bhowmick’s comments, he said, “I don’t really care what others say. My job is to come and help East Bengal. I didn’t feel bad. He is senior to me and he has the right to say whatever he wants. He is a good coach, he has achieved so much. He is like an elder brother, an uncle to me (‘Mera bada bhai, mera chacha jaisa hai’) My work is to help the club.”

The former Aizawl FC coach continued, “Subhash Bhowmick and I will work together and take the decisions for the club. I’ll see what is going on tomorrow, He (Subhash Bhowmick) is also attending the practice sessions. We will discuss everything after few days. The decisions will be taken together. Whatever we will decide will be for the betterment of the club.”

With two big names at the helm of affairs at the club, it is confusing for the players as to whom they should report and listen. When asked about this situation, the head coach said, “Players are happy. They happily trained today. They are all matured and professional.”

Jamil refused to comment on his future with the Red and Golds. He had signed a two-year contract last season. He clarified all doubts saying, “I haven’t thought about next season. I am thinking about the Super Cup. I feel like staying back at the club next season, I’ll stay. I have not taken any decision.”