'Did you watch the World Cup?!' - Yedlin mocks Neymar as he tells referee to watch out for Brazilian's diving

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The USA right-back fouled the PSG star and issued a warning to the official after he hit the deck

DeAndre Yedlin was seen mocking Neymar during the USA's clash with Brazil on Friday, asking the referee if he "watched the World Cup".

Neymar won a free-kick from the Newcastle United defender during Brazil's 2-0 win, and Yedlin was unhappy with the way in which he hit the deck.

The right-back then turned to the referee and asked "did you watch the World Cup?"

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That, of course, was a reference to the PSG star's alleged diving techniques used during the tournament in Russia, for which he came under fire.

Former Brazil international Julio Baptista claimed after the tournament that his diving can go too far , while countryman Ronaldo called on referees to offer him more protection.

Neymar himself has defended his actions, insisting that he expects contact from opponents given his playing style of direct running with the ball at his feet.

"I don't have much to say about it. I'm a player who takes the ball 11 times and 10 of those times I go straight at the opponent.

"I don't think they'll let me pass without giving me a little kick. I can't ask them: 'hey, excuse me, but let me score'! I suffered lots of fouls during the World Cup. But it happened. It's another lesson that I carry with me."

Neymar had the last laugh against Yedlin, however, scoring the second goal from the penalty spot, after Roberto Firmino opened the scoring in the 11th minute.

The PSG attacker will next be in action when Brazil take on El Salvador in a friendly on Wednesday.