Chelsea fans express anger at Super League proposal and plan to stage Stamford Bridge protest

Roman Abramovich Chelsea Stamford BridgeGetty Images

Chelsea supporters will protest the club's decision to become a founding member of a new European Super League.

The decision to create a Super League has been derided by UEFA, the Premier League, and even the UK Government, who will aim to put barriers in the way of Chelsea, who have also resigned from the European Clubs' Association, and the 11 other teams from starting a new competition.

The situation has left Chelsea supporters alienated from their club and they will stage a socially distanced protest at Stamford Bridge against the board while removing the fan-made banners inside the stadium ahead of kick-off against Brighton on Tuesday.

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What has been said by Chelsea supporters?

"They say expect the unexpected, but today the Chelsea Supporters' Trust (CST), our members and football supporters across the world have experienced the ultimate betrayal," read a statement.

It added: "This is a decision of greed to line the pockets of those at the top and it has been made with no consideration for the loyal supporters, our history, our future or the future of football in this country.

"It is likely that this proposal with never come into existence, however, it speaks volumes that [Chelsea] are prepared to risk our existence in the Premier League and the FA Cup."

It concludes that "there has been no mention of this secretive proposal" despite recent "extensive talks" and CST now "demand answers", adding: "This is unforgivable. Enough is enough."

CST has seen a surge in membership in the last 24 hours, with a new wave of supporters looking to impact the future direction of their club.

What has been said by Tuchel?

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel said: "That’s what I love, to play the toughest competitions in Europe. That’s why I’m at Chelsea.

"I don’t get involved with all these subjects around us, I’m a bit sad all these subjects are around now, I thought we could talk about Man City and the Brighton game. That’s maybe not the case today.

"I want to play these club competitions, I trust the club to make the right decisions and it’s too early to judge everything and it’s not my part.

"On my badge from Chelsea it says I have to play my role. My role is to be coach, to be focused and we have an important game coming up tomorrow."

Have Chelsea fans fallen out with owner Roman Abramovich before?

Chelsea have broadly supported their owner Roman Abramovich, who bought the club in 2003 to kickstart the most glorious era in the club's history.

Not only did he invest in exciting superstar new signings across his ownership, but he has invested in a new training ground, the academy and a host of charitable projects that have resonated with the fans.

One of the few friction points that the Russian billionaire has had with the supporters was in 2011 when he tried to take ownership of the pitch from supporters. It regarded plans to build a new stadium for Chelsea in London at another location other than Stamford Bridge, which the club's supporters had the power to reject.

Although Abramovich owns almost every aspect of Chelsea Football Club, the actual pitch at Stamford Bridge is owned by the fan group called the Chelsea Pitch Owners.

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