'Bullsh*t'- Slater slams Bosnich over call for more A-League foreigners

The former Socceroo believes the competition must focus more on youth and not bringing in more overseas players

Robbie Slater has hit out at the possibility of the A-League increasing its quota of foreign players moving forward. 

Speaking on the Fox Football Podcast, fellow player-turned-pundit Mark Bosnich had suggested the competition allow more than the current allocation of five foreigners to improve the overall quality of the league. 

Slater slammed the suggestion however, stressing that the A-League must be giving Australian players more of a chance rather than those from overseas.

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“I respect Bozza and anyone who has their views but I find it a load of bullsh*t," Slater said. 

"To add more foreigners? You have to be kidding me. In a league where if you look around, the fourth and fifth foreigners in most clubs don’t even play.

"If you want to bring six foreigners and, god forbid seven, I mean the game at a youth level is already a mess.

"Does anyone understand where the game has come at a youth level and what we’re producing, or rather not producing, in the last 12 or 13 years? It is absolutely a crime what is going on.

"Now, the owners need to put their heads together and fix the youth league...but we’re going to have to wait another year for that.”

With a national second-division in the works, initial plans have suggested squads include at least two Australian players under the age of 23.  

Bosnich believes a balance between Australian youth and foreigners can and must be struck as the A-League gains independence from Football Federation Australia

“It’s a world game,” Bosnich said.

“I trust to have the people that are in charge of the clubs and I trust the coaches as well to make sure. We all say to our youngsters that we want our best youngsters to be playing overseas.

“Now, we’re still a third-tier footballing nation, if we start closing doors to nations around the world to come into our shores what do you think they’re going to do in return?"