Boot review: Nike's PhantomVNM

Nike's latest design; the PhantomVNM is perfect for strikers looking for that clinical finish...

Stepping onto the football pitch, it was already clear to see how I was already attracting attention from my teammates. At first, I believed that it was due to my footballing abilities, but at the end of the football session, I realised it was due to the football boots I had on.

After all, Nike's newly launched Nike PhantomVNM football boots are hard to miss given its unique blend of colour; bright crimson interspersed with a black paint job. But the purpose of this article not just to focus on the design of the PhantomVNM, but to understand how good it works when playing the beautiful game.

Firstly, upon receiving the boots, the softness of the material dubbed 'NIKE SKIN', used to design the boot leaves a lasting impression on one. Meanwhile, the interior of the boot is just as soft and is easy to slip on. With that being said, for those of you who play as a defender then, these aren't the ideal pair of footballing boots for you, unless you are purely a ball-playing defender who loves to dribble out from the back. 

Significantly, the previous point is being stated is because Nike's PhantomVNM is more suited for attackers, especially a striker. Luckily for me, my preferred position is that of a striker and without exaggerating, the PhantomVNM clearly gave me an added advantage against my opponents. For starters, with honeycomb micro-texture moulded into the toe and vamp, the PhantomVNM allows for enhanced control when dribbling.

Notably, this feature allows a player to have a glue-like sensation to the ball when attempting to dribble past opponents. Furthermore, in order to maximise your dribbling effectively, the trick would be to get the ball onto the inner part of your boot, thus allowing the PhantomVNM to act as a soft cushion against the ball, thus boosting your close-control abilities to help you get past your marker.

But, what separates this boot from others that Nike has produced over the years is that it allows a striker to have a clinical finish. Now, this is due to the boots' unique feature on its instep dubbed the precision pwr strike zone. It is a key feature whereby, the 13 ridges of the Precision Pwr strike zone are set at specific angles and ascending heights to help keep the ball down if it is mishit and to provide firm bite on the ball. 

nike 3

Consequently, in order for one to achieve that perfect strike with the PhantomVNM, the tip is to allow the ball to connect with the instep of the boot. This is because of its key feature; the precision pwr strike zone, allows a solid connection with the ball, allowing one to unleash the inner Robert Lewandowski in them. Even when the ball is floated in the air, it is possible to get that perfect strike, should you connect it with the instep of the boot. 

It truly is the perfect pair, if you are looking for a clinical finish. Is it any wonder I finished top-scorer in my football session.