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Best football training equipment and accessories for aspiring footballers in 2022

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Football purists may think that all you need to play football is, well… a football. And while that’s technically true, it would be difficult to ignore years worth of science, development and innovation that has helped bring out a range of products that not only assist with improving fitness skills but recovery and overall health.

From pandemic-friendly whistles, special muscle protecting tape, wearable performance trackers to yes, a good old standard football, there is something out there that can help improve your training sessions. 

1. Improve your agility and speed in a solo exercise with this 9ft Speed Rope from Adidas.

adidas Speed Rope

Get it from Adidas for £12.00

2.  Mark out the pitch or set up training drills with these handy Mitre 50 Space Markers, essential for any training session.

Mitre 50 Space Markers

Get them from Mitre for £20.40

3. Stay hydrated during football training sessions with this Nike TR Hypercharge Chug bottle with a twist-off cap.

Nike HyperCharge TR Chug 24oz Bottle

Get it from JD Sports for £20.00

4.  Mark the four corners of your pitch with these Mitre Standard Corner Flags that have spikes that stick into the ground.

Mitre Standard Corner Fla

Get it from Mitre for £34.20

5. This hygienic Purple Squeeze Whistle is perfect for use in a pandemic as you simply squeeze it to sound the whistle.


Get it from Decathlon for £9.99

6.  This Erima Hybrid Training Ball is perfect for getting those skills honed with a ball that's close to the real thing.

Erima Hybrid Training Ball

Get it from Amazon for £10.00

7.  Never suffer a flat football again with this good old basic ​Mitre High-Speed Inflation Pump.

Mitre High-Speed Inflation Pump

Get it from Amazon for £7.45

8.  Get the training version of the spiked Adidas Predator Training Goalkeeper Gloves worn in the Euro 2020 final by Gianluigi Donnarumma.

adidas Predator Training Goalkeeper Gloves

Get them from JD Sports for £22.00

9. Store up to 300 split and lap times with this Kalenji ONstart 710 Stopwatch, or use the coach function which allows you to programme in a personalised training session and time it. 

Onstart stopwatch

Get it from Decathlon for £29.99

10. Those that prefer a more traditional whistle can get this Kipsta Black Plastic Whistle and a Kipsta Whistle Wrist Strap to keep the whistle close at hand during matches and training.

Whistle wrist strap

Get them from Decathlon – Whistle £1.99 / Wrist strap £4.99

11. Give aching muscles a post-match deep-tissue massage with the THERABODY Theragun PRO / THERABODY Theragun Mini professional massage guns that have been endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Trent Alexander-Arnold.


Get it from JD Sports for £555.00 (Pro) / £175.00 (Mini)

12. Strap up recovering muscles like a pro with this supportive Proworks Kinesiology Tape.

Proworks Kinesiology Tape

Get it from Amazon for £6.90

13. Light the way for nighttime training sessions or solo practice trips to the park in the dark with a Ledlenser NEO4 Head Torch.

Ledlenser NEO4 Head Torch

Get it from JD Sports for £20.00

14. This Mitre Set of 4 Agility Ladders will boost your team’s speed and coordination with a variety of different exercises to try out.

Mitre Set of 4 Agility Ladders

Get them from Mitre for £51.00

15. This Mitre Set of 25 Core Training Bibs will help make organising training matches a breeze.

Mitre Set of 25 Core Training Bibs

Get them from Mitre for £74.00

16. This Mitre Impel Football is a perfect all-rounder that’s suitable for use on either grass or astroturf.

Impel Football Mitre

Get it from Amazon for £10.00

17. These wearable STATSports Apex GPS Performance Trackers are approved by FIFA, trusted by many professional clubs and keep track of your training and gameday data. It comes in adult or junior size.

STATSports Apex GPS Performance Tracker

Get it from JD Sports for £200.00

18. This set of six Mitre Training Hurdles help older players develop speed and power and are useful in a variety of training drills.

Mitre Training Hurdles set of 6

Get them from Mitre for £47.95

19. This set of training dummies are perfect for practising your free kicks and are completely foldable for storage.

Football Flick Training Set

Get them from JD Sports for £80.00

20. This Mitre Mesh Ball Sack holds up to 10 full-sized footballs.

Mitre Mesh Ball Sack 10

Get it from Amazon for £7.99

21. Keep onside with these Kipsta Referee Flags

Referee flags

Get them from Decathlon for £14.99

22. Keep your team in line with the Kipsta Set of Referee Cards (Yellow and Red).

Set of referee cards

Get them from Decathlon for £3.99

23.  And finally, these BlazePod flash-light reaction training pods link up to an app and can attach to any surface to improve your reaction time and bring a sense of competition when training alone.

BlazePod Standard Kit

Get them from Amazon for £299.00

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