ATK's David Williams feeling 'confident' ahead of ISL final against Chennaiyin

Bengaluru vs ATK
The Australian striker believes on their day, ATK are the best team in ISL...

David Williams’ heroics in the second leg of the play-offs had helped ATK outclass Bengaluru FC and book their berth in the final of Indian Super League (ISL) 2019-20 season.

Along with the Australian striker, wing-back Prabir Das too was instrumental in ATK’s win as he had provided two assists in the match, one of which was for Williams’ all-important third goal.

Praising teammate Prabir, the ATK talisman said, “What I have observed in the training is that he (Prabir Das) takes constructive criticism very well, he works and hard and he always wants to improve. He has done very well for himself but most importantly for the team. He has some very good assists.

“Sometimes I look at the pitch quality and I think maybe he would have had more assists if the pitches were better. In Salt Lake sometimes the grass is a little bit high and there have been other pitches that have not been great. If I can recollect, Kerala and Jamshedpur only have very good pitches. Everyone else’s is here and there. Goa looks good watching on the television. The quality of pitches delivers better technical football. Quality of pitches gets the best out of football but this is not an excuse.”

ATK vs Bengaluru FC

The former Wellington Phoenix striker oozed confidence ahead of facing high-flying Chennaiyin FC in the final and he suggested that on their day, ATK are the best team in the league.

“For me, I am very confident about the team's ability. We have beaten Chennaiyin once and they have beaten us once. So it is going to be a fair game. Both are coming into this final having scored many goals and are feeling confident. There are no teams who go into a final without being confident. When ATK is at their best, we are the best team in the league and if that is the case on Saturday night then we will win it. It is up to us to give everything. We have done all the hard work the entire season, so we don't need to work any harder. We know our job and leave nothing on the pitch.”

When asked about his views on the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus disease, Williams said, “If we are thinking about that then we are in the wrong business. There are people who will take care of that. We have our own jobs and we have to focus on that. For us, it is not at the back of our minds. We are well looked after here, we have a very good medical support. Our focus is on the game.

“If you shake your hands there is no difference in being marked at your corner. You are more likely to rub heads or chest to chest with a defender on a set-piece. Handshake is better to be further away in my opinion. If we play a contact sport we have to deal with these things. As long as we are not kissing each other we are all right.”