Andile Ncobo’s claims about Safa elections are nonsense, says Danny Jordaan

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Jordaan won a second five-year term at the Safa elective congress which took place at the Sandton Convention Centre on Saturday

South African Football Association (Safa) president Danny Jordaan has refuted any allegation that the organization’s elective congress was illegal.

The 66-year-old was re-elected Safa president by a margin of 95.12%. He received 234 of 246 votes, two votes voted against and one spoilt vote.

This after former Premier Soccer League (PSL) general manager Andile Ncobo withdrew his candidature for the top position, which meant Jordaan went into ballot box unopposed.

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When asked to respond to Ncobo's allegation that the election was illegal, Jordaan was angry at the question as he said: "No‚ no‚ no. You guys [the media] must stop nonsense.”

"It's nonsense. Absolute nonsense. And you only do it to football. And why do you do that? No‚ but some of you actually wrote as if it's true. And it's nonsense. Here you are‚ witness to the election. You are sitting in the room. You see for yourself,” he continued.

"You have in this room the electoral committee. Some of these men are senior advocates. They have acted as judges in the supreme court in this country. In this room we have a representative from Fifa,” he explained.

"So, it's your choice. You can pick whose opinion you want to listen to. You listen to a supreme court judge‚ you listen to the Fifa representative‚ or you listen to an opinion that is not based on anything,” Jordaan indicated.

"That is your choice. And as journalists you have the right. You have the pen‚ and you write what you like - and we grant you that license,” he said.

"This is a transparent process in front of you. It's not on hearsay. And where people raise issues we step back to say that we don't want a discredited election. On Friday there was an attempt to stop this election. It was dismissed by the court. And the court said proceed. What else do you want?" he asked.  

There was an attempt to halt the elective congress on Friday after an urgent application was taken to the Johannesburg High Court. 

However, the congress continued as planned after the dismissal of the matter by the court..