Amajita coach Thabo Senong obtains Master’s Coaching Diploma

Senong, who has been doubling up as head coach of Amajita and an assistant to Stuart Baxter at Bafana Bafana, completed the course on Friday

South Africa U20 coach Thabo Senong has confirmed that he has obtained a Master's Coaching Diploma at the Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Late last year, Senong was accepted to study at the Institute as one of the 14 international student coaches selected across the world.

It was a long and tiring application process which saw him also do a couple of interviews.

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Ultimately, the Soweto-born coach is proud to have completed the coaching qualification.

"The journey of learning and professional development continues," he said on his official Twitter account. 

Quoting Johan Cruyff, Senong wrote: "You can only coach others if you know how to coach yourself.”

On the final day, all the coaches were required to present their report of their journey on what they actually learned during their studies.  

The main goal and focus for Senong is getting the necessary knowledge to equip himself but most importantly to share the information with his colleagues.  

It was a seven month journey for Senong which started in February 2018.

The 36-year-old coach learned about the principles of leadership, coaching and team dynamics.

He also polished his personal coaching style, how to deal with teams and build a successful team. 

Senong took Amajita to the Fifa World Cup in South Korea last year and he is one coach who is always looking for ways to better himself as a person and coach.

Senong is known as a long-time student of the game and he completed his South African Football Association (Safa D Licence) as a 16-year-old back in 2002 and has been a development coach for years.

He believes coaching at the development level requires a coach to try and learn every day and he encourages coaches to seek ways to improve himself for the betterment and growth of the African continent.

Senong was excused from the recent Bafana Bafana camp as Stuart Baxter and Safa allowed him to finish his qualification.