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AIFF hikes monetary sanction on I-League clubs for Super Cup pullout

10:34 AM EDT 6/16/19
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After assessing financial losses caused by the boycott, the I-League clubs have been imposed with proportionate fines...

The All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) disciplinary committee has imposed further sanctions on the six I-League clubs which pulled out of the Super Cup earlier this year. 

It seems that I-League clubs have shot themselves on the foot by refusing to take part in the Super Cup even after registering their players for the same. Not only did the AIFF and FSDL lose money because of the decision, but the clubs also failed to meet AIFF President Praful Patel and present their case, which was one of their main demands behind the boycott. But the revised financial sanctions is another major blow to the clubs.

On May 15, the Indian FA had imposed a fine of Rs 10 lakh each on five of the I-League clubs, namely Aizawl FCGokulam Kerala FC, NEROCA FCChurchill Brothers and Minerva Punjab FC, while a sanction of Rs 5 lakh was slapped on East Bengal for pulling out of Super Cup in March-April.

However, the committee had mentioned that the matter will also be referred to the AIFF's Emergency Committee for appropriate interpretation to "commencement of the competition" and to assess the quantum of damages and losses payable to the AIFF & FSDL (in terms of Articles 10.4.3, of Super Cup regulations).

AIFF's Emergency Committee has subsequently deliberated on the issue and found the clubs guilty of breaching Article 10.3 of Super Cup regulations with consequential applicability of other penal provisions as detailed in the rules.

The Emergency Committee then forwarded its recommendations to the Disciplinary Committee.

The costs and expenses incurred by AIFF and Football Sports Development Ltd (FSDL), AIFF's commercial partners, were then ascertained and details were furnished to the clubs. 

Seven out of 19 Super Cup matches were cancelled because of the boycott. It was found that losses amounting to Rs 1,42,34,683 and Rs 2,38,68,886 were incurred by AIFF and FSDL respectively for the matches that could not take place due to the pulling out of the clubs. 

A. Re : Summary of actual Expenses Incurred by AIFF

S.No. Nature of Expenses Amount
1 Daily Allowance - Staff 1,22,000.00
2 Daily Allowance - Match Officials 8,39,008.00
3 Hotel Accommodation Domestic - Staff 5,47,438.00
4 Hotel Accommodation Domestic - Match Officials 8,75,796.00
5 Air Tickets Domestic - Staff 1,34,624.00
6 Air Tickets Domestic - Match Officials 3,73,730.00
7 Prize Money - Tournament 40,00,000.00
8 Medals 81,000.00
9 Kits, Apparels and Equipment Expenses 1,43,000.00
10 Match Organising Expenses 71,18,087.00
  Total 1,42,34,683.00

B. Re : Summary of actual Expenses Incurred by FSDL

Sr. No. Descriptions Amount (INR)
1 OB Equipment 64,18,259.00
2 Analytical Service 4,37,000.00
3 Graphics 6,93,500.00
4 Production Service 64,76,217.00
5 Fibre/Uplink 12,39,000.00
6 Trophy 2,00,000.00
7 Production Fees 20,00,000.00
8 Look & Feel 12,02,520.00
9 Others 13,500.00
10 Hard Drive 18,980.00
11 Ground Transport 3,98,850.00
12 Hotel 27,29,500.00
13 Flights 6,53,310.00
14 Radio 2,17,000.00
15 Outdoor 4,90,161.00
16 Flex Reprinting and Installation 14,700.00
17 Stadium Branding 35,700.00
18 Print 2,95,689.00
19 Flyer Printing and Distribution 37,000.00
20 Voice Over 2,98,000.00
  Total 2,38,68,886.00

The Committee is, however, unable to accept the inclusion of the following heads within the fold of "compensation"

Sr. No. Nature of Expenses Amount
1 Prize Money - Tournament 40,000,00.00
2 Medals 81,000.00
3 Closing ceremony Expenses 1,90,000.00
4 Winner's Trophy 2,00,000.00

TOTAL: Rs. 44,71,000.00

Therefore, out of the total quantum of Rs. 3,81,03,569.00 (total of A+B), after deleting an aggregate sum of Rs. 44,71,000.00, actual total quantified amount of expenses to be apportioned and proportionately divided, came to Rs. 3,36,32,569.00.

Proportionate allocation for withdrawn matches of the above-quantified amount was calculated to Rs 17,70,135 per match. In addition, a fine of Rs 10,00,000 was imposed for breach of article for not turning up.

The aggregate amount rounded off came to Rs 27,50,000 for each club which must be paid to the AIFF by June 30. 

However, the committee abstained from imposing any punishment against Mohun Bagan and instead referred the case for arbitration since the Kolkata side did not even register their players for the said tournament.