'Cristiano Ronaldo is AC/DC, and Messi is like reggaeton'

The two superstars have been compared to musical acts and genres by one of Ronaldo's former team-mates at Real Madrid


Real Sociedad midfielder Esteban Granero believes that if Cristiano Ronaldo was a musical act, he would be AC/DC, but has a less flattering comparison for Lionel Messi.

Granero played alongside Ronaldo during his time at Real Madrid, but left Santiago Bernabeu in 2012 to join Queens Park Rangers before returning to La Liga.

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The 29-year-old runs the annual 'Pirate Dinner' charity event to raise money to help children with cancer, and was asked to compare the world's greatest footballers to musical acts or style of music.

Granero's admiration for Ronaldo came through in his answer, telling ASTV that "Cristiano is AC/DC, heavy metal; and Messi is let's say reggaeton, but good."

Reggaeton is a Latin American musical genre which emerged as a younger variant of reggae in the 1990s, and is probably best known worldwide as the genre of Daddy Yankee's global hit single 'Gasolina'.

Whether Messi will be pleased with the comparison is yet to be determined.