Vilanova: I expected more from Pep

The Barcelona boss has revealed his disappointment at the conduct of his former colleague at Camp Nou as he recovered from a cancer relapse in New York.
Tito Vilanova has taken a swipe at Pep Guardiola, claiming he "expected more" from him during his recovery from surgery last season.

The Barcelona boss underwent treatment in New York for a cancer relapse towards the end of 2012, and although Guardiola visited him during his time in America, the 44-year-old has revealed he did not see his former Blaugrana colleague in the months after his surgery.

"When I was in New York, Pep visited me for two days," Vilanova told a press conference on Tuesday. "He is my friend and I need him close to me. But after the surgery and during the two months recovery period he did not visit me any more. I expected more from him. He acts like that.

"Anyway, let's talk about Barcelona."

Vilanova's illness has been a source of tension between Barcelona and the current Bayern Munich boss in recent weeks.