Barcelona to wear colors of Catalan flag next season

The Blaugrana are looking to strengthen the club's historic link with the region of Catalunya by having a Senyera style shirt next year - the first time in over a century
Barcelona's away kit for the 2013-2014 season will feature the red and gold colours of the Catalan flag, according to regional newspaper Sport.

Fans have waited 113 years to see the Bars of Aragon on the region's most successful club and will finally get their wish next year.

The jersey will feature the famous red and gold stripes in an attempt by the club's directors to promote the team's connection to the autonomous region and its people.

According to Sport, Barca is "reinforcing the sporting and sentimental ties that the majority of the population of the region share," 
The current home and away jerseys already have had the colors of the Catalan flag on the back of the shirt since Joan Laporta's regime took charge in 2003, but this move goes a step further.