Robben: Messi Is Out Of This World

Arjen Robben has declared today that Lionel Messi is the best player in the universe before acknowledging that he can improve some aspects of his own game.
Arjen Robben put an end to any comparisons between himself and Lionel Messi today by admitting the Argentine is on another planet.

The Dutchman praised Messi whilst he was speaking to AS, and then spoke about what he thinks he can improve on personally to try and catch the Barcelona man.

"He is the best player in the world. He is in magnificent form, for me he is from another planet, he is the best, very different," he mused.

"I am doing well, but I can always improve things. I need to be physically fit to play as I can, and now I am able to do that, but I also need to improve things such as my finishing, the other day [against Real Mallorca], I could have had a goal more at least, and I must improve that."

Robben has certainly been in fine form for Real Madrid lately, scoring against Mallorca, and also against Villarreal the weekend before. He acknowledged today that he has to enjoy the form he is at the moment and is working hard to try and keep it up.

"Now everything is going well, but I do not know about the future, I do not know what will happen, so I have to enjoy this moment, and all I can do is work a lot in the gym and on the pitch, I cannot do anything more," he opined.

"We need to work to improve things and to be physically fit, because before, we had injuries and it was not good. I am working a little differently in the gym, but in general I need rhythm and matches."

The difficult for Robben and for the rest of Madrid is that they seem to be chasing an impossible goal this year in the league, with Barcelona already twelve points clear at the top. The Dutchman knows that it would have been good if they did drop points against Osasuna last weekend, but is only concentrating on what Real Madrid can do.

"Last Sunday they were losing and in the last minute they won. It would have been better if they had not done, because we need them to drop points, but we cannot wait on them to do that, we have to think about ourselves," he declared.

Osasuna will be the next opponents for Real Madrid amidst talk of Assembly rigging and another possible deal for Cristiano Ronaldo. However, Robben played it coy when questioned about the subjects and said he is worrying about what happens on the pitch.

"They have told me things, but I only think about football, and nothing more. I have not read anything, and do not know anything, I want, and I hope, that all the players will coach and the directors will worry about that," he said of the Assembly incident.

"I do not know, that is a question for [Pedja] Mijatovic or the president [Ramón Calderón]," he replied when questioned about Ronaldo.

--James Walker-Roberts,