AC Milan Legend Maldini: Real Madrid Defender Sergio Ramos Is My Heir

Maldini believes Real Madrid's Ramos is best suited to become his heir.

AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini believes Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos can continue his legacy by becoming the world's best defender.

Maldini, who retired at the end of last season following a sparkling career, believes Ramos can take his place as he gives the Spaniard a ringing endorsement.

"My heir will be Sergio Ramos," Maldini told Marca.

"He is young and has everything to become my heir. He is quick, powerful and has technique. He is young and has plenty of time ahead of him."

The Italian's salutary parlance will be welcome at the Bernabeu, and he has also given Ramos some beneficial advice.

"He is part of a great club in Real Madrid. My advice to him will be to play in the middle of defence like I did. The secret is to train hard," concluded Maldini.

Salvatore Landolina,

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