Adriano: I Quit

The Emperor has sensationally confirmed the he wants to momentarily part ways from football.
Inter’s Brazilian striker Adriano has stunned the football world by declaring that he wants to quit football for the time being, allowing himself to sort his own personal issues out.

This latest saga came about when the ‘Emperor’, who was supposed to return to Italy last weekend following the international break, failed to do so, as he supposedly missed his initial flight.

He has been with his family in Brazil ever since, and he has also just spoken in a press conference, whereby he has made these sensational claims concerning his immediate future.

“Right now I am only thinking about my health,” Adriano admitted in the press conference with Sky Sport24.

“This is my reasoning behind why I want to stop playing football, at least temporarily anyway.

“I have lost the passion to play,” Adriano added, in relation to the fact that he is solely focused on dealing with his own personal problems for now.

The 27-year-old went on to discuss his current contract with the Nerazzurri, and that he is prepared to sacrifice that as well.

“I am prepared to give up the money of my salary if need be.”

Recent reports have suggested that Adriano is suffering from a form of depression since his recent break up with his girlfriend.

Adrian Del Monte,