Amauri Picked For Brazil, Azzurri Dream Over

The Juventus striker has received a call up from Dunga to join the Brazilian national team, as the dream of many to see Amauri playing for the Azzurri comes to an end.
Brazil coach Carlos Dunga has ended the saga over which national team Juve striker Carvalho Amauri would choose, by calling him up to play against the Italian team in a week and a half at the Emirates Stadium in London.

Since joining the Bianconeri during the summer, Amauri has gone from strength to strength, earning him a title as one of the best strikers in Serie A. He has impressed immensely, and an international call up would normally have been on the cards for such a talent.

This had not been the case for Amauri, as he had not been called up for his national team, Brazil, and was expected to play for the Azzurri once his Italian passport arrived. Dunga has beaten the passport and has named the striker in the list to play against Italy in London on February 10 in a friendly international.

Originally, the big skillful attacker was not in the list of called up Brazilians, with coach Dunga claiming that it would put too much pressure on Amauri, but the injury to Luis Fabiano seems to have changed his mind.

This will be disappointing news for many Italian fans who were hoping to see the striker up front for the Azzurri, and not in the Selecao squad.

There is still some hope for Italian fans who would like to see Amauri scoring goals for their national team however, as his club side Juventus need to authorize his leave for international duty, and if not accepted by Juve, Amauri could still be in contention for the Azzurri.

If the club allows him to play for Brazil, then he becomes ineligible to represent the Italian national team.

Peter Pedroncelli,