Lazio Fans Invade Training And Abuse Players

A number of Lazio fans have invaded the club's training ground, shouting abuse and threatening players, causing them to run for cover.

Things couldn't get worse for Lazio after their own fans turned against them during today's training session, following Sunday's heavy 4-1 defeat at home to Cagliari.

Biancocelesti supporters turned up, but they were in no mood to keep the peace as they shouted abuse at the players. A couple of fans scaled the security fence to confront players, causing coach Delio Rossi to abandon the session as a number of stars ran for cover.

"You are a bunch of women and mercenaries," shouted one angry fan, as reported by Il Corriere Dello Sport.

One supporter even asked Aleksander Kolarov for a fight and he warned the Serbian stopper that he would be waiting for him outside the ground after training.

As tempers flared, the situation always risked getting out of hand. Rossi was quick to intervene as he tried to protect his players from what could have turned out to be a nasty scuffle.

"You are right to be annoyed but please lets calm down and we can talk about this later," Rossi told the angry fans.

The coach then calmly walked back towards the training pitch, and he told his players to carry on with their session.

Lazio were also confronted by the fans on Sunday after the match, and it is believed they blocked the team bus from leaving the stadium.

--Salvatore Landolina,