Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge to rehab injury with Red Sox

The star striker is planning on working out with the Major League Baseball team as he recovers from a thigh injury.

Star Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge will rehab his thigh injury in workouts with Red Sox trainers the week of Christmas.

Sturridge plans to travel to Boston to continue rehab on his thigh after spending time in Los Angeles working on the injury. He will work with the medical team for the Red Sox.

Liverpool has seen Sturridge on the pitch only three times this season. The thigh injury Sturridge suffered in November is the latest in a string of physical woes that have kept the 25-year-old striker sidlined. He injured his hamstring in August, suffered a different thigh injury in September and strained his calf in October. All inuries occured while training.

The team believes that the Red Sox medical specialists can help Sturridge prevent further injuries. Liverpool's head of conditioning, Glen Driscoll, will accompany Sturridge to Boston.

Liverpool team owner John W. Henry also owns the Red Sox.

Sturridge has scored 25 goals for Liverpool since signing with the team in November 2013. He played for Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics and in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.