Mourinho calls for an end to diving

The Chelsea boss says that diving will continue unless authorities take action and warned his players that he will be strongly critical of anyone he finds to be guilty.
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says he hates diving and will contemplate dropping players if they attempt to con referees.

Mourinho was highly critical of Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen for his role in Fernando Torres’ sending off during last Saturday’s 1-1 draw, and says he wants an end to diving.

"I have told the players many times, I hate it. It is very bad," Mourinho told reporters. "And the search of a red card for another player is a disgrace. I haven’t dropped a player because of it, but being strong and critical, I did it, yes. I spoke about it with Drogba and Robben.

"I am not saying I will drop someone. Maybe the player is very important for me and makes a mistake and maybe I don’t drop him. But I will strongly criticize him, yes. And if one day I win the game where I feel one of my players didn’t behave correctly, I will say it."

Mourinho also highlighted recent incidents such as Scott Brown’s sending off against Barcelona in the Champions League and says action needs to be taken.

"In some countries if you don’t do it you become like the naive one because others do. But you could see for example in the Champions League this week, what happened in Glasgow and Amsterdam. And for me that is fairly sad," Mourinho said. "It’s up to the football authorities. Again, I am nobody, I just give my little opinion. Next week they will go again [if no action is taken]. It’s about priorities."