Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson hails 19th title

Champions lift the trophy at Old Trafford but manager spares a thought for Blackpool which is relegated from the top flight following a gutsy 4-2 defeat on the final day.
Sir Alex Ferguson has praised Manchester United's team spirit and the back room staff for its effort following the club's historic 19th league title win.

The manager also praised the way his team keeps going for late goals after the victory over Blackpool where it came from behind to win 4-2.

"What a season, I don't think there's been a more dramatic one than this," Ferguson said on Sky Sports.

"And you've got to praise the team unity and the spirit of our players, they were brilliant and well done to them.

"All these last-minute goals, I don't know how you survive," he joked when addressing the fans. "I'll be stretchered out of here at the end of the day. It's just the nature of our club, that's how we go about it.

"The last-minute goals [we score] epitomizes the spirit of Manchester United."

The manager went on to thank all who work at the club, praising among other things, "the preparation for the games. It has been fantastic."

"We've always prided ourselves at this club on producing young players," he continued. "It's a part of this club and tomorrow we have the chance to win the youth cup again.

"Also, though, on a sad note, we have the retirement of Gary Neville, one of the greatest players of our generation, and [for his testimonial on Tuesday], I hope we have a great atmosphere."

Ferguson then spoke more about team spirit and hard work that has paid off for the champions.

"It's a wonderful day," he said. "It's the realization that a season of hard work has come to fruition. Working so hard as a team has been the key.

"When Blackpool got in front, I couldn't see us winning. But then we had a spark, and some pressure and we got a bit fortunate with the third goal, then Michael Owen finished it off.

"We've got good individuals, terrific individuals. But I think what's come more to the forefront has been the work ethic of the team. They've all worked their socks off.

"It's important for the club, I'm really pleased [to win a 19th league title]. Everyone is sharing a special moment today."

Ferguson then spoke about Michael Owen following his goal in the closing stages.

"Michael said he's got an important goal in him, and [the Champions League final]  is something I've got to consider. I've got 18 players to consider from a squad of 25, and I'll have to decide on it."

Ferguson also spoke of Blackpool, commenting that the club going down is "a loss to the Premier League because they play attacking, attractive football, and that's a disappointment."

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