VIDEO: Samir Nasri Pulls A 'Wayne Bridge' As He Refuses To Shake William Gallas' Hand (Arsenal-Tottenham)

Nasri becomes only the second Premier League player to refuse the pre-match handshake.

Prior to today's north London derby, Samir Nasri had threatened that he would not shake the hand of his countryman William Gallas. The two failed to talk to each other throughout last season whilst both were at Arsenal and Nasri has still not forgiven the veteran central defender for a run-in during Euro 2008.

"Yes, he snubbed me but he is still young, he should understand! It's a shame he had that reaction, too bad for him," said William Gallas.

"I do not feel Nasri's quarrel with William Gallas was a factor in the game because at least he started well. He just could not maintain the pace," said Arsene Wenger.

In his autobiography Gallas called Nasri a "little twerp" and the mutual hatred between the pair supposedly stems from a run-in when Nasri sat in Thierry Henry's seat on the French team bus.

Of course, the only other time the Premier League has witnessed a handshake refusal was last season's encounter between Manchester City and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.Wayne Bridge somewhat smoothly avoided John Terry's outstretched hand following the revelations that the former England captain had slept with the City defender's former girlfriend.

In contrast, before Tottenham's 3-2 win at Arsenal today, Nasri looked a little nervous in the pre-match line and moved out of turn to avoid Gallas. And the Spurs centre-back didn't seem too bothered as he received warm embraces from Denilson and Alex Song as well as a pre-match hug from Bacary Sagna.

And despite Samir Nasri's early goal, one would imagine William Gallas had the last laugh following Spurs' sensational 3-2 comeback win in which he was probably man of the match.


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