The Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Football Supporters UK rounds up our favorite seemingly random fans.
Following the revelation that rapper Jay Z is a Gooner, UK has compiled this list of notoriety - the Top 10 of those unlikely football-loving celebs...

By Amar Singh

10. Tony Blair (Newcastle United)
Does Tony Blair really support Newcastle, or did his spin doctor Alistair Campbell run secret focus groups and deduce that the electorate would react positively to him claiming allegiance to the Toon army? The rumors that the ex-PM was not the posh Geordie he claimed to be were fuelled by reports that he had wrongly claimed to have sat behind the goal at St James' Park and watched his hero Jackie Milburn play at a time when that would have been impossible. As it turned out, Blair had never made the claim and was vindicated. The same cannot be said for the claims he made about Iraq's nuclear capabilities.

9. Dr Dre (Liverpool)
He is the father of G-funk and west coast  ‘Gangsta Rap’ discovering talents such as Eminem and Snoop Doggy-Dogg. But when Hop Hop super producer Dr Dre isn’t laying down beats in the studio, he is berating Rafa Benitez’s
strange team selections and screaming at Dirk Kuyt every time he misses a sitter. Yes, Dr Dre – real name Andre Young – caught the Liverpool bug on a trip to the UK with LA rap bad boys NWA back in 1998.  He recalled in an interview: "I was in London on a promotional tour, one night we were watching TV and these cool cats in red came on the box. They whupped some poor dudes four or five zip." His favourite player was wannabe rapper John Barnes. He said: “That John Barnes was bad. He made the ball talk. The cat was cool."  We’re not sure the good doctor would offer the same opinion if he had heard ‘The Anfield Rap’.

8. Bruce Forsyth (Tottenham Hotspur AND Arsenal)

It may come as little surprise that Britain’s favourite doddering Saturday night entertainer supports Spurs given that he grew up in Edmonton, north London – just a stone’s throw from White Hart Lane. But what may give Spurs’ fans the biggest shock since Sol Campbell toddled off down the Seven Sisters Road on a free transfer is that Brucey pledges his allegiance to both Spurs AND  Arsenal. He even has a scarf, which is half Spurs – half Arsenal. It’s nice to support two teams – to support two teams, nice!

7. Barack Obama (West Ham United)

Famous West Hams fans are usually hard-bitten east London-born actors (Ray Winstone) comedy geezers (Russell Brand) or cockney stereotypes (Danny Dyer). But the recent revelation that the American Commander-in-Chief likes nothing better than kicking back in the Oval Office to watch Gianfranco Zola’s relegation-threatened team slug it out in our humble Premier League had West Ham fans singing something other than “I’m forever blowing…” at the Boleyn Ground:

*To the tune of Popeye the Sailor Man*-
Barack the West Ham fan, he hates the Tottenham, he loves Upton Park, not the war in Iraq, he's Barack the West Ham fan. Toot, toot!

Whether Barack Obama even has an opinion on Spurs is debatable, but should you be reading, our question to you Mr President is this: The takeover of West Ham by Gold, Sullivan and Brady offers change – but is it change we can believe in?

6. Tom Hanks (Aston Villa)

A slightly bland chap who is popular with Volvo-drivers and bored housewives, Martin O’Neill is, nevertheless, one of the Premier League’s most talented managers. No surprise then that his Aston Villa team is keenly-followed by Tom Hanks – the Oscar grabbing, mullet-sporting star of Angels and Demons. So what is the ‘Hank-enator’s’ reason for supporting the Villans? A memorable trip to Birmingham? A love of James Milner? No, Hanks explains: “I’m big on Aston Villa, because the name is so sweet – it sounds like a lovely spa.”
Oh yeah Tom? Well what does the name Randy Lerner sound like to you?

5. Justin Timberlake (Manchester United)

It was Ruud Gullit who first declared ‘I’m bringing sexy back’ during his underwhelming spell in charge of Newcastle. So how did superstar crooner and sexy-bringer-backer Justin Timberlake end up supporting the Red Devils? A chance meeting with ex-Manchester United striker Alan Smith in the city’s Lowry Hotel sealed Justin’s fate. He said a couple of years ago: “I'm a Red! I'm mates with Smithy so he's my favorite player but Ronaldo doesn't suck either, he's awesome. I really like Rooney too.” Just as well, given that he's the only one of three left at the club!

4. Will Smith (Lazio)

The Eagles got their claws into the Fresh Prince when he was staying in the same hotel as the team in Beijing last summer. Smith was in town for the filming of his son Jaden’s new vehicle – a remake of The Karate Kid. But Smith still found the time to snaffle signed jerseys from Lazio strikers Julio Cruz and Tommaso Rocchi. The tryst was formalized when Smith took his family to watch Lazio’s Italian Super Cup win over Inter at the Bird’s Nest stadium. Smith is now reportedly so in love with Italian football, that he is considering filming ‘Man in Black’ – the life story of Pierluigi Collina.

3. Will Ferrell (Chelsea)
The big-haired comedian was last year found to have topped a list of Hollywood stars who fall most short of justifying their huge salaries based on the box office returns their movies deliver. So quite why he has an affinity for a team containing the likes of under-rated over-achieving paupers Michael Ballack and Deco is beyond us. The Anchorman star, who seemingly owns one Chelsea shirt dating back to 2005 which he wears at every possible opportunity, dreams of opening an ‘old-fashioned’ pub on the King’s Road where he can pour post-match pints for his heroes John Terry and Frank Lampard. Now THAT'S funny.

2. Osama Bin Laden (Arsenal)
Long before he became fanatical about driving out the infidels from the Muslim world, Bin Laden was fanatical about Paul Merson, Ian Wright and, er, John Hartson. The world’s most wanted man spent a couple of years in London in the mid-1990s and cheered on the 1-0 long ball specialists from Highbury’s Clock End. According to biographer Adam Robinson, the future al-Qaeda leader even bought a replica shirt for his son after a particularly fantastic Cup Winners' Cup match in 1994. The sounds of ‘Ooh to be a Gooner’ have also been heard echoing around the caves somewhere around Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan.

1. Cameron Diaz (Brentford)
According to the blonde bombshell there is something about Brentford. Diaz developed a penchant for the unfashionable League One team after becoming a regular at a Hollywood restaurant owned by former Bees chairman Dan Tana.
According to Tana, Diaz and her Charlie’s Angel’s co-star Drew Barrymore have accompanied him to a match at Griffin Park. The pair were later spotted tucking into Pukka Pies and hurling abuse at a QPR fan to get the full authentic experience.