Ronaldinho: Neymar will be the best in the world

The Selecao legend is certain that the Argentine magician is currently the world's finest player, but believes his countryman will one day reach an even higher level
Atletico Mineiro forward Ronaldinho is of the opinion that while Barcelona star Lionel Messi is better than Real Madrid attacker Cristiano Ronaldo, neither of them will be able to match Neymar once he realizes his full potential.

The 32-year-old Brazilian, who made a move from Flamengo to his current team at the start of the Brasileiro campaign, says Messi is the best footballer in the world now, but believes that this will not last long.

"Cristiano has been making history for many years now, but Messi is the best in the world, and one day Neymar will be the best," Ronaldinho told ESPN.

"For me Messi is the best in the world. For the last few years he has played at a level of football we have never seen before. "

Ronaldinho was a superstar at Barcelona while Messi was developing into his talent and the Brazilian remembers his vast improvement. Incidentally, Ronaldinho assisted on Messi's first-ever professional goal.

"I'm very proud to speak of him, because I was there when he started off and now he is the best in the world, it makes me so happy," Ronaldinho recalled. 

He added, "The game I remember the most is when he scored his first goal, because it came from my pass and I remember this game most vividly because he was just getting started.

"I had the chance to be there and live that moment. I'm very happy that his first professional goal came from a pass from me."

Messi has praised Ronaldinho for being a great mentor during their time together at Barcelona and the Aletico player admitted that the pair's relationship is special.

"Messi knows that there will always be a place in my heart for him," he concluded.

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