Colombia - Mexico Friendly Gives Coaches Fresh Look At Players

B-List game gives coaches chance to analyze players before upcoming qualifiers
DALLAS, TX – With both Mexico and Colombia playing with second tier rosters, Saturday’s night game was a little sloppy but entertaining nevertheless.

One of the reasons why the coaches used alternative rosters was to look at players they may want to add to their team for their upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

During the game, no players really stuck out, but that doesn’t mean they played poorly in the eyes of the coaches.

"I think all the players did a good job," said Colombian national team coach Eduardo Lara. "I’m not going to name any names. I don’t think it would be right. It’s a team effort, all of them fought and battled. What we came out to do was to do things right, and we were able to take the win."

Colombia was able to take the win, but Mexico seemed to do a better job of controlling and possessing the ball.

"Mexico obviously had the home advantage and had possession of the ball. They were playing one-two touch long ball using the size of the field," Lara said. "We had to avoid losing the ball to Mexico and they were doing a great job."

While Lara thought Mexico played better, Mexico head coach Javier Aguirre wasn’t so sure.

"I think Colombia was better. They defended better, they attacked better, they beat us on individual plays. It wasn’t one of our best games," said Aguirre, who wasn’t about to make excuses for his team’s performance. "Things maybe came out not so good. It wasn’t the referee, it wasn’t anything it’s just that our opponent was better than us tonight."

Jonathan Dos Santos, the 19-year-old midfielder who plays for FC Barcelona, was given his first chance to suit up with the Mexican national team in the match. All eyes were upon him as fans watched intensely to see if the hype was legitimate.  

Dos Santos played the majority of the game but didn’t stand out. Aguirre seemed pleased with his performance, though.

"I’m not going to analyze it so specifically, but I’m going to tell you that the player [Dos Santos] did what I wanted him to do. Especially after the long trip he had, for me he did what he was asked to do," Aguirre said.

Both coaches said they had some things to think about before the released their World Cup qualifier rosters.

Scott Guthrie,

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