World Cup 2010: Brazil Coach Dunga Hails 'Near Perfect' North Korea Defence After Selecao Triumph

Taking time to praise his opponents, the coach reflected on the evening's events...

After seeing his Brazil side take a little while to warm up before eventually overcoming North Korea 2-1, Selecao coach Dunga shared his thoughts on the match with the press.

"Every team has to be efficient in the World Cup. We have to have quality to attack and defend with efficiency. In the first half we didn't play well, we weren't moving the ball quickly enough. In the second half, it got better," the 46-year-old began.

“We were faster and created more chances. Obviously we wanted to be scoring goals without conceding any, but the first game is always hard. Conceding goals happens to everyone, it's a normal thing in football.

"When you face a team that attacks you, it opens up spaces. It's hard to face a team that just defends. You have to move the ball well and create spaces. If you look back at the footage, the way that North Korea moved to close the spaces was almost perfect."

The coach then took time to discuss some of his stars, Robinho and Kaka in particular. Robinho was a good candidate for man of the match, while Kaka didn't shine as much as he has in the past.

"We already knew that Kaka was going to be substituted. We thought that they were going to go forward a little bit so I put in Nilmar for speed.

"Robinho is very versatile. He knows how to play in various positions. As the defenders pay a lot of attention to players like Kaka and Robinho, they have to change positions. I'm very satisfied with Robinho's growth, especially because there were people that didn't want him at the Selecao."

Brazil's win tonight puts them at the top of the so-called 'Group of Death' with three points, after Portugal and Cote d'Ivoire played out a scoreless draw earlier in the day.

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