Top 10 Favorites To Win The 2010 World Cup

Titan Bet offer odds on the best teams' chances this summer.
10. Ivory Coast (34.00)

In 2006
: Bowed out in the group stage

In qualifying: Strong qualifying campaign

Watch out for: Salomon Kalou (in the absence of Didier Drogba)

Value?: Good, so long as Drogba can play and make a difference in the toughest group of the lot

9. Portugal (26.00)

In 2006
: Achieved fourth place in Germany

In qualifying: Stumbled, but managed to qualify through play-off

Watch out for: Cristiano Ronaldo

Value?: Decent - though there's little to choose between them and the Ivory Coast, so the Africans are the better bet value-wise

8. France (17.00)

In 2006
: Lost the final on penalties

In qualifying: Controversial qualification after play-off victory over Republic of Ireland

Watch out for: Franck Ribery

Value?: Little - though you might have said the same in 2006.

7. Italy (13.00)

In 2006
: Crowned champions after beating France on penalties

In qualifying: Finished top of Group 8 in a relatively untroubled campaign

Watch out for: Antonio Di Natale

Value?: Fair - this isn't anywhere near the team of 2006.

6. Germany (12.00)

In 2006
: Finished in third place

In qualifying: Unbeaten in the qualifying stage

Watch out for: Miroslav Klose

Value?: Without Michael Ballack, probably too short. But remember never to write off...

5. Netherlands (11.00)

In 2006
: Eliminated in the second round

In qualifying: 100 per cent record in qualifying

Watch out for: Robin van Persie

Value?: Good - their best players are in top form, only Arjen Robben's injury dampens enthusiasm

4. Argentina (7.50)

In 2006
: Lost to Germany in the quarter-finals

In qualifying: Just about managed to scrape through

Watch out for: Lionel Messi

Value?: Great - so long as Maradona doesn't ruin things

3. England (7.00)

In 2006
: Reached quarter-finals in Germany

In qualifying: Looked solid en route to South Africa

Watch out for: Wayne Rooney

Value?: Fair - but when was the last time they didn't disappoint?

2. Brazil (5.50)

In 2006
: Eliminated in quarter-finals

In qualifying: Topped qualifying group with no significant trouble

Watch out for: Luis Fabiano

Value?: Good - even as second favorites, they'll give you a run for your money

1. Spain (5.00)

In 2006
: Went out in the second round

In qualifying: Blazed their way through Group 5

Watch out for: David Villa

Value?: Spot on - deserved favorites, so you can't expect longer odds

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