World Cup 2010: Brazil Legend Pele Expecting Cristiano Ronaldo & Robinho To Outshine Lionel Messi At The World Cup

He says Kaka is vital to Brazil's hopes.
Brazilian legend Pele has declared that he expects Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazil forward Robinho to outshine Argentina's Lionel Messi at the World Cup in South Africa.

The three time World Cup winner noted that Messi is in terrific form for Barcelona at present but added that the 22-year-old doesn't replicate that level of performance for the Albiceleste.

"We cannot say that Messi, for example, is to going to be the most outstanding player. He is a great footballer, he's playing extremely well at Barcelona, but when he plays with Argentina he doesn't show the same performance," he said as quoted by AS.

"Cristiano is a wonderful player and Robinho has improved his form and both have chances of being one of the great figures of the finals.

While he was full of praise for Robinho, Pele also noted the importance of Kaka to Brazil identified Argentina and England as two of the teams to watch in the summer.

"For the public, Robinho plays a more lively type of football, attracting more attention but it's important for the Canarinha that Kaka is in good physical shape," he added.

"Argentina are not good at the moment, but they are used to being in the finals and England has a powerful team."

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