Goal.com Worldview: The USA-Mexico Rivalry

Goal.com editors from around the globe took a look at the big rivalry in CONCACAF and gave their assessment of the two teams, a prediction for the result, and also added thoughts on which players might do well in their local league.
It's a huge game for CONCACAF, but how is the USA - Mexico rivalry viewed by the rest of the world? Goal.com rounded up opinions from their editors in many other countries to find out.

Nils Reschke, Goal.com Germany
-- I think both teams have an equal squad. The Mexico 5-0 clash was a recent result and an exception because of the lack of first team players for the U.S. The best argument is the 2-0 win of Team USA in the first game of qualification. That one we already recognized in Germany, because Borussia Monchengladbach's Michael Bradley scored two times.  

It's difficult to say who will win, because there are some surprising results in the CONCACAF qualification for me, like the fact that Costa Rica is leader of the group. But I think Team USA has a better chance to win, because the pressure for Mexico is high, and they have to win. I'd bet on a 1-1 draw. Anyway, if Mexico wins, it’ll be a more exciting qualification round. 

As far as who would be good to play in Germany, there are some who play or played already in Bundesliga: Michael Bradley and Landon Donovan, Pavel Pardo or Ricardo Osorio. But I am a fan of DaMarcus Beasley, who has the skills to play in German Bundesliga. I like his style of play.

Juan Lirman, Goal.com Spain -- I think Mexico is better right now than the U.S., but the poor start of the campaign caused El Tri to lose the first place in this qualifying zone. Anyway, it doesn't matter at all. What is important is to reach the WC, and I believe Mexico will, alongside with the U.S.  

Mexico has grown a lot since the comeback of Javier Aguirre, and confirmed that with a huge win vs. USA in the recent Gold Cup. So, considering they play at México DF, I believe this is Mexico's turn to get 'revenge' from the previous qualifying defeat at the United States .

Landon Donovan from United States would be good to see in Spain and Memo Ochoa from México. Several Spanish teams got interested in them and it would be very nice to see them playing in La Liga.

Alexandre Walraevens, Goal.com France -- I think Mexico is the better team because Mexican football is played in Mexico and also in Europe. Major League Soccer is fun (I watched some matches) but the format and the way of playing is still far better in Europe on the technical and tactical side (MLS players are very good physically). Mexico has more experience. USA managed a tremendous run at Confederations Cup, but I think it will be difficult for them to do it again. Now, Mexico is not Brazil, of course.

Mexico will win 2-1, I think.

In France we have Charlie Davies, who entered the first match of the season with Sochaux against Auxerre. It was a good surprise, I saw him playing during Confed Cup. I think it is good for Ligue 1 and very good for him as Ligue 1 is very technical and tactical. So he will progress here. We had Rafael Marquez at Monaco few years ago. Maybe Giovani Dos Santos would have made a good choice to play in France to progress physically and mentally. He is for now lost in England. Cuauhtemoc Blanco was a very good player, very technical, I believe he is still playing in the USA.

Michael Paterakis, Goal.com Greece -- Overall, I think, USA have a better and more organized team playing as a whole, but Mexico have more talented individuals, who are perhaps more experienced in European football that nowadays is the norm. Nonetheless, the U.S. team has proved over the years that they can do exceptionally well in big games and competitions because football is not the only talent.

Mexico have the advantage because they are playing at home. We should not forget, though, that it's still summer and most Mexicans who are playing for European sides are still in pre-season. And given that the U.S. players have clearly better physical condition, then this advantage might be nothing for Mexico. On the other hand we have the high altitude of Mexico City that makes life difficult for any sport professional, but this too can be only one of many factors that can lead to victory for one or the other side. Actually, it's too close to call. I'd say a draw.

Many players would do well here. Oguchi Onyewu is obviously the easiest choice - a great defender who can easily be a first choice for any big Greek side. Unfortunately, AC Milan came first

Ewan McDonald, Goal.com International
--Mexico have greater depth, and their home-based players play in a better league, so they just about edge it, but the USA are not to be underestimated.

With a combination of momentum and home advantage, as well as the fact that Aguirre and company really have something to prove, Mexico takes the match.

I'd like to see Giovani dos Santos playing more in England, as he is the most naturally gifted player in all of CONCACAF, when he decides to bother. :)

Tommy Vaneldik, Goal.com Netherlands --The U.S. have improved a lot during recent years. The gap between the two countries has pretty much closed, but individually Mexico makes a slightly better impression on me.

Mexico have the advantage to play at home, so they are slight favorites for me. However, never underestimate the mentality of the USA, which is really an extra force.

I really like Mexican forward Carlos Vela, but of course he won't ever play in the Eredivisie. Maybe Jozy Altidore could use the Eredivisie as an education for the rest of his career. He would definitely be a good one over here. In the recent past we had some players over here (Bradley, Beasley) and still have (Carlos Salcido,
Francisco Javier "Maza" Rodriguez). Bradley was good at Heerenveen, while Beasley never made a great impression on me at PSV. And Salcido and Rodriguez have never proven that they are worth the money PSV paid for them.

Martin Decaux, Goal.com South America
--Better squad? Mexico, without any doubt. Better team? USA, they play as a team, that is a major strength.

Mexico will win. Because they have never lost a single game vs. the U.S. in Mexico. They played 20 times, and the U.S. only got a tie in 1997. The other 19 games were victories for El Tri. And now the Mexicans really, really want to beat them. The U.S. would have to play a perfect game to get something from the Azteca.

From Mexico, anyone could play in South America. Mexican teams have already demonstrated that have quality players and they can make South American tournaments better. From the U.S., Landon Donovan is the star, and I would like to see him playing in a Libertadores Cup sometime.


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