Clint Dempsey returns from groin injury

The American attacking midfielder made an appearance off the bench after being out for two weeks with a groin injury.
Clint Dempsey played for 15 minutes in his return to Tottenham Hotspur from injury.

The United States international had been out for two weeks after dealing with a slight groin problem. Dempsey replaced Spurs striker Jermain Defoe in the 75th minute in the team's 2-1 away win over Sunderland.

There was a minor concern that Dempsey might have fallen out of favor after manager Andre Villas-Boas decided to switch to a two-forward formation. Some media outlets had criticized Dempsey's form as he's only scored three goals in his first 14 appearances for the club.

Still, even if Dempsey is out of the starting 11, it is likely that he will feature prominently for Tottenham. He has helped in playmaking, dishing out three assists and can feature in multiple positions in the attack. Dempsey should be able to fill in at the striker and wing positions for Spurs.