Boost Mobile Hot Topics: Vilanova's illness, Juninho to New York and the United States' upcoming friendly

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Over the past week, the Hot Topics included Vilanova's illness, Juninho signing with New York and the United States' upcoming friendly against Canada.

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Vilanova illness rocks Barcelona

User: Amadu Bah

On behalf of my very self and the Real Madrid family, I wish Tito Vilanova a quick recovery. Get well soon. Even though he is the coach of our greatest rival, he has done a fantastic job, and in my opinion, so far he has been the best coach of the 2012/2013 season. Get well soon. It is indeed a sad news to the football community.

Editor response:

Thank you for this classy comment. Vilanova's recent illness certainly rocked the soccer world and it's nice to see supporters of Madrid showing their support for the Barca coach. We need to remember that at the end of the day soccer is just a game. Everyone at USA wishes Vilanova well in his recovery and we hope to see him back on the sideline soon.

-Mike Slane, North America Managing Editor

McCarthy: New York gambles wisely on Juninho

User: John McLeod

Great signing. Like the author said, pace was never a big part of his game to begin with, and he is exactly what we need: a creative, exciting player (especially a midfielder) with name recognition. He will make NYRB games better to watch and their play will be easier on the eye (and they got him on a less-than-DP salary). For the most part, our DP's are workmanlike utility players who don't offer what MLS players are lacking (skills, technique, creativity, flair, etc.). MLS needs to realize that the league's style of play is very ugly and it is something that needs to be addressed. Of course failing to sign Guti and Riquelme was a complete calamity but hopefully they are learning from their mistakes.

Editor response:

Juninho is a little long in the tooth for MLS, but upon closer inspection, the Red Bulls might have a steal on their hands. Clearly, the Brazilian is in better condition than the average player pushing 40, as he comes off a strong season with Vasco da Gama in the Campeonato Brasileiro -- one of, if not the strongest league in the Americas.

Dax McCarty's emergence as one of the league's premier holding midfielders can continue unabated with the subtraction of Rafa Marquez and the addition of Juninho, who plays more of an attacking role. Moreover, the Brazilian is world-renowned for his set piece ability, which, judging by Roy Miller's infamous free kick that ended his team's hopes of advancing in the playoffs this year, is a spot that could use some improvement. Throw in the fact that he is not on a DP salary, and you have the makings of a quality signing for New York.

-Seth Vertelney, USA Editor

USA to face Canada in January friendly

User: 1daddycool

playing against canada will be a hard sell in houston and the usa will probably field a lot of non-regulars to see what they show-- just a guess; after the honduras debacle- a 8-0 loss!!!!-- the canadian team is completely directionless and even coachless- not sure why the usa is playing such a misfit group??.

Editor response:

The U.S. and Canada have played several close matches in recent years, and while the Canadians have crashed out of World Cup qualifying, there's no reason to believe that the upcoming friendly won't prove beneficial for both sides.

If you look at Canada's results over the past few years, the 8-1 loss in Honduras stands out as an anomaly, albeit an inexcusable one. With Canada re-tooling after the exit from Brazil 2014 qualifying, you can expect many younger, hungrier players to be called in, all eager to prove that they can step up where their predecessors couldn't.

With that in mind, and knowing that the Americans will also field a younger squad, we should be in for a competitive match.

-Rudi Schuller, Canada Chief Editor

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