Report: Beckham Asked To Star In 'Victory' Remake

Former England captain David Beckham is being lined up by ex-Wimbledon midfielder and now Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones to star in a remake of  the 1982 soccer movie 'Victory'.

The 34-year-old Los Angeles Galaxy player is wanted by Jones to appear in a reinterpretation of the 1981 film, which told the story of a team of Allied prisoners of war who challenge their Nazi captors to a football match.

Jones believes that if Beckham takes on the lead role, then a remake of the film would capture both the US and British markets.

Reports also suggest that Jones believes the former England captain's acting skills would be far superior to the original cast.

"The original footballers' acting skills were so wooden they wouldn't have looked out of place in Ikea," a source told The Sun.

"This time many players have acting experience and the producers reckon they can really make it work.

"Vinnie's already spoken to a few and some big names are keen to get involved. There's even talk of [Michael] Caine and Sly [Sylvester Stallone] getting cameo roles."

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