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Player Ratings: USA U-20s 0-3 Korea Republic U-20s.


Brian Perk-3. Did not organize the defense. Lacked communication with his two center backs. He may not have been able to save any of the goals, but he gave no confidence to his defense.

Sheanon Williams-3. He was turned far too often in the game while trying to defend. He misjudged a header to set up the second Korean goal. His throw-ins were his best attribute on the day.

Gale Agbossoumonde-4. He lost his mark on the first goal, and gave him too much space on the finish. He spent much of the game chasing the Korean forwards.

Ike Opara-4. He was strong on the tackle, but he made some bad pass. The red card was very suspect.
Jorge Flores-3. He did not look comfortable with the ball on his feet or defensively.

Jared Jeffery-4. He gave a solid effort in the midfield, but he was not able to connect many passes. He was out-played by his Korean counter-part.

Bryan Arguez-4.5 He made his mistakes, but he gave a genuine effort in the midfield. He had the only U.S. shot on goal.
Danny Cruz-4. His crossing was poor, and he was not able to generate anything positive offensively.

Dilly Duka-3.5. For most of the game, he was nowhere to be found. When he did get the ball, he dribbled too much and did not find the open pass.

Break Shea-4. He works hard, but he gives the ball away too often and his decision-making is poor. Should have seen the red for his two-footed challenge.

Tony Taylor-3.5. He was not given much service but he was too easily dispossessed and did not add anything substantial to the attack. He tried to hold possession but was out-matched playing four v one up top.

Peri Marosevic-2. Invisible. He did not get many touches on the ball in his 45 minutes of play, and when he did see the ball, he lost possession.

Mikkel Diskerud-3.5. He had some time on the ball, but the Korean midfield stifled his passing and was largely ineffective.
Kyle Davies-3. He came on and gave away the ball on his first touches that led to a caution within minutes of being on the field.
Korea Republic:

Kim Seung Gyu-6. Good save on Arguez’s shot in the first half to keep the score even. Not much to do after that.

Oh Jae Suk-5. He did not get forward too often, but he did not need to. He hit a few good balls over the top for the forwards to run onto, which created a few good goal-scoring opportunities.

Kim Min Woo-6. He got forward a few times in the second half, but was not rewarded with many return passes. Very good defensively, though.

Kim Young Gwon-8. Shut down American attack, only allowing one shot on goal through the game. His goal was very well taken to start the scoring for the Koreans.

Hong Jeong Ho-7. He was strong and frustrated the American forwards from the center back position. He dispossessed Taylor and made Marosevic seem invisible.

Koo Ja Cheol-9. Korean midfield was dominant. Koo was the major reason why. Well-struck penalty kick, and was unlucky not to score in the first half when the ball hit the crossbar.

Seo Jung Jin-6. Did what was asked of him, and only one U.S. attack came down his side. He was solid going forward too.

Moon Ki Han-6.5. His corner kicks seemed to be lethal against the U.S. setting up two good scoring chances. He was sturdy in the middle of the field.

Yun Suk Young-6. Had a decent shot in the first half, contained the U.S. attack through much of the game. Got behind his mark a few times that did lead to goal scoring chances.

Kim Bo Kyung-7. Well taken shot to put the Koreans up 2-0. He held possession up front and got others involved.

Park Hee Seong-7. His deftly chipped pass set up the second goal for strike partner Kim. He was fouled often setting up good free kick opportunities.

Lee Seung Yeoul-5. He could have done better with his two chances to score during his time on the field.

Cho Cheol Young-No rating. Came on during the dying minutes when the result was already decided.

J.R. Eskilson,

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