U.S. Soccer Taking Preventative Measures Against Flu Scare

U.S. Soccer is taking preventative measures against flu scare to try and protect the rest of the players.
U.S. Soccer is trying to take preventative measures against the further spread of the influenza A virus which star midfielder Landon Donovan tested positive for a day after the U.S. lost to Mexico.

“We have prescribed the medication to players, coaches and staff members who may have come in close contact with Landon Donovan solely as a preventative measure,” said Dr. David Wallis, a member of the U.S. Soccer medical staff in a press release. “Based on CDC recommendations, individuals who did not experience close contact with the player, such as journalists, fans or opposing players, do not need to take any preventative measures. As of now, no other member of the U.S. team delegation has indicated any symptoms associated with the virus and at this time we do not believe additional steps are necessary. However, we will be continuing to monitor the situation and CDC recommendations very closely as we continue to learn more.”

The precautionary measure will advise all members of the U.S. delegation that may have come in close contact with Donovan take a course of Tamiflu, which is 75 mg a day for 10 days.

According to the CDC recommendations members of the team who are not showing symptoms of the virus should not need to be quarantined. 


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