Impact might add more seats for CONCACAF Champions League return leg

The Impact could break an attendance record for soccer in Montreal if they can find a way to add more seats at the Big O on April 22.

MEXICO CITY — Montreal Impact vice president Richard Legendre confirmed Tuesday that all 59,000 tickets for the CONCACAF Champions League return leg against Club America on April 22 at the Olympic Stadium have been sold.

Although it won’t be an attendance record for the Impact in Montreal – 60,080 fans came to see the team face David Beckham and the LA Galaxy in 2012 – the speed at which the tickets were sold is something that Legendre says he’s never experienced before.

“The reaction that we’ve had from the fans has been unprecedented. In my opinion it’s the best crowd we’ve ever had because it’s 59,000 after only eight or nine days of sale,” Legendre said inside the team hotel. “In the times we did sell over 50,000 it was over the course of several months, so it’s really impressive.”

The Impact managed to sell more tickets during Beckham’s visit because the way the artificial surface was laid out at the Olympic Stadium at the time. The configuration made it so that there was extra room for additional bleachers.  

Legendre says that the club is still in the process of evaluating whether or not adding more seats will be possible.

“We’ve already done a lot of work to make sure we get it up to 59,000, but we’re going to look at it again,” he said. “We’re going to see if there are other ways in which we could add seats, but we’re still very happy about how many tickets we’ve already sold.”

For now, the main focus for the Impact is getting through Wednesday’s first leg at the Azteca Stadium, which will also be sold out, but with over 100,000 fans.

Given the frenzy for tickets in Montreal, Richard wondered humorously whether the Impact could have been able to fill a stadium the size of Azteca too.