Brek Shea Blog: I'm ready to debate sports on ESPN's First Take

In his latest blog entry for, the FC Dallas star and U.S. international states his desire to debate sports on ESPN's daily show.
What's up readers,

Who watches ESPN's First Take?

It's the morning show where Skip Bayless and usually Stephen A. Smith go at each other in debates over the hottest topics in sports. I watch the show every morning. From time to time, the show will invite professional athletes in to join the fun but I noticed soccer players are never on. That surprises me.

Yes, I know soccer isn't the biggest sport in America but it is the BIGGEST sport in the world. Also, sleep on Major League Soccer if you want to but the league has the third-largest attendance numbers in American professional sports. So basically what I am saying is, I want to be on First Take.

I can take on Skip and Stephen A.

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I know people think I am a quiet guy but when it comes to sports, I can debate with anyone. So right here on this blog, I'm starting the campaign. In the comment box below, I want MLS fans, FC Dallas fans and United States national team fans to get the ball rolling sharing your thoughts.

I'm starting the twitter hashtag #BrekonFirstTake and I'll be retweeting the best tweets. Also, feel free to take the campaign to Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless and Stephen A. Smith @StephenASmith. It's time to get MLS on First Take. If I get on, I'll wear a crazy suit and have a cool hairdo going. Looking forward to debating with both those guys.

Taking about my style and who comes close to matching me, I've got to give a shoutout to my friend Heath Pearce from Chivas USA. He thinks he's got more style. I'd disagree but he does have one advantage: facial hair. That dude does crazy things with his beard and I can't parallel that. I've tried but all that comes out is peach fuzz.

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Some fans have asked what's my favorite music album, and I've got to say that Damien Marley's Welcome to Jamrock gets constant play. That's a classic album. I really like Damien Marley's music, I've even got his album with Nas, Distant Relatives. There are some solid songs on that one as well.

Finally, I was reflecting on when I signed my first professional contract with FC Dallas a few years ago. It was a happy time for me and my family and I'll never forget my first splurge. I immediately went out and bought a huge 60-inch television to get my video games on.

Till next week,